Mind Over Matter Foundation Mission Statement

Noelle Shaw Bolton (dec.) founded Mind Over Matter Foundation (herein referred to as the Foundation) in October 2021, and funded the initial capital of the Foundation.

Ms Bolton’s intention for the Mind Over Matter Foundation was to provide young cancer
patients a second chance at life, by giving them access to financial assistance to
procure advanced treatments.

Ms Bolton herself battled a very brave cancer journey and was fortunate enough to
have the access she needed to the treatments and medicines that helped her.

Her passion to help was deep-seated. Throughout her life, Noelle had been involved in
several foundations and NGO’s.
Amongst the most prominent ones were the Rhino and Elephant Trust where she was a
trustee, and similar conservation activities helping other wildlife and environmental causes, such as SAVE (the Vaal River) which was another beacon of her achievements.

More recently, Ms Bolton decided it was time to help the next generation educating
them about conservation and the importance of wildlife, and finally her fellow cancer patients, primarily the young.

Her hope was that by helping younger generations to fight this awful disease and bringing awareness to early detection and treatment, the numbers of those suffering would decrease and the multiplier effect would spread the help to the wider world.

The Foundation intends to accomplish the following:

Raising such funds as to invest for returns on investment, in order to provide supplementary income streams for cancer patients between the ages of 14 and 40; to help them gain access to advanced and/or experimental treatments that are not covered by Government hospitals or Private Medical aids.

How the Foundation shall discourage mission drift

1. The Foundation shall appoint legal, financial, philanthropic and medical expertise team members reporting to the trustees, for appropriate evaluation of cases, to consider the following parameters:
· Income level
· Age
· Treatment type
· Prospects of beneficiaries

2. To ensure the continuity of the Foundation, an appropriate succession plan shall be
put in place, for example; younger trustees alongside founders and experts.
How other funders can collaborate with the Foundation:

A. The Foundation shall provide online and physical sales points and services to allow
contributors and sponsors to purchase merchandise made available to the Foundation. Such merchandise shall promote its brand and the brand of the contributors and sponsors through website services on the
mindovermatterfoundation.com website.

B. Furthermore, contractual arrangements with gift shops in hospitality outlets shall
provide access to physical sales and therefore more funds to invest

C. The Foundation shall allow contributors and sponsors to purchase various levels of
loyalty status, to promote their corporate visibility as well as to obtain privileged
status in premium corporate gifting.

D. The Foundation shall also make available merchandise for sale in pop-up shops and
neighbourhood markets once the brand name is established.

E. Proceeds of these funding methods above shall be utilised to:

1.) pay the cost price of the merchandise being sold.
2.) pay for all commissions and profit margins to outlets.
3.) Pay the cost of specialized services being outsourced to keep the sales running.
4.) contribute to the various beneficiaries.
5.) no administrative fees will be paid by the foundation to any trustees, consultants or collaborators, save for fiduciary expenses.

How the Foundation shall shield itself from being deluged by grant requests from every individual and organization:

1. Being specific to people aged 14 to 40, the risk of being deluged is reduced.
2. The expert team members will be the monitors of any potential abuse thus avoiding any deluge.

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