Mind Over Matter Foundation

The Mind over Matter Foundation (Non-profit Company K2021991397) was formed with the intention of providing help for those with cancer who cannot afford the latest and most advanced technologies and healthcare services, which are currently only available in the private sector.

These situations have been exacerbated by redundancy resulting from the Covid Pandemic, or having been diagnosed previous to the redundancy, or by simply not being able to carry on working due to weakness caused by their condition. It is the genius of Grant Vanderwagen who is the originator.

The Foundation intends to help upgrade the medical aid cover of their candidates to enable them to receive the appropriate therapies.

Those less fortunate, who have fallen into one of the above situations like Grant, actually created this Mind Over Matter concept. After all the difficulties of going through cancer and treatment side effects, which he still experiences, he created a business to help him make ends meet.

But it became something much more than that, as his interview on Radio KFM indicated, and then sponsors rolled in.

Noelle Bolton was one of those, who simply adopted it and wanted to help, in whatever way possible and this foundation is the outcome.

Grant is not only the creator and designer of the concept, which in this age of online communication is a MUST, but he did not stop or give up. That is the difference. He wanted to carry on and help others as well.

It is with the hope of spreading the goodwill in these challenging times, and for reasons that Noelle Bolton herself has suffered with another equally drastic cancer, that she got involved in this amazing QUEST of Grant’s.

Noelle's heart has always gone out to many causes as most of you may know over the last 40 years, from wildlife, to nature conservation, to rhino and elephant and so on…

It is now time to help our fellow human beings, the Pandemic has woken up the World.

We are all connected: it is
for everyone, and it is forever.

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