PRESS RELEASE: Battling Cancer and still focused on helping others, Here's what Grant Vanderwagen is working on...
Can you imagine dealing with the Covid pandemic for nearly two years and while this is going on you find out you have Cancer... That's exactly what Grant Vanderwagen has experienced. After major surgery in late 2020, Grant has just completed his first round of Radiotherapy. He had to do 24 sessions of radiotherapy to target the tumor in his ear canal.
Now that the Radiotherapy is done, Grant will be starting Nuclear Treatment early in September 2021. Nuclear Treatment is one of the newest forms of cancer treatment that is very targeted. The positive side of Nuclear Treatment is that the side effects are not near as heavy as radiation or chemo. However, Nuclear Treatment is a very long process and could go on for a year, if not longer. It all depends on the progression of the cancer, of which is monitored very closely by Grant's doctors. 
While all of this is going on for Grant he still manages to have time to think of ways to not only support himself, but support those who are battling with cancer too.
Grant recently had an interview with Bjorn Salsone from where he explains what he has install for Mind Over Matter. 
Not only is Grant raising funds for cancer treatment through the sales of Mind Over Matter products but he has already started helping others through the brand as well. Limited edition clothing ranges have been designed by Grant Vanderwagen for a few individuals that are battling with cancer. A portion of the profits from each of this limited edition ranges will go towards these individuals cancers funds to help pay for their treatments. 
The first individual Grant has decided to help is a 15 month of little girl by the name of Mairah, who has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and is currently undergoing treatment in the USA.
You can read all about Mairah and see her Limited Edition Mind Over Matter range by heading to the link below:
The second individual is a lady by the name of Cali Matthee who was diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis at the age of 21, Cali is still fighting the battle with cancer 5 years later and she needs all the support she can get. 
You can find the Cali Collection on the link below as well as take a look at her Limited Edition Range thanks to Mind Over Matter:
As if all of the above isn't enough, Grant decided to design a Women's Month Range for the month of August. A few very cool hoodies for the women of South Africa! 
Even though Grant is doing so much to help others, he is fighting is own battle to beat the very rare cancer he has called Paraganglioma. Grant has a very long road ahead of him and he also needs the support. You can help Grant Vanderwagen through any of the following ways:
Purchase any of the Mind Over Matter Merchandise!
Or you can contact Grant directly on
From all of us at Mind Over Matter, thank you so much for all your support since we launched two months ago. We are truly overwhelmed by the responses we have received and we will keep doing our best to help others.
Mind Over Matter Team - 27 August 2021