Press Release - 20 July 2021 - Grant Vanderwagen And The Battle With Cancer

This young entrepreneur in Cape Town needs your help to beat cancer!

Grant Vanderwagen is a 29 year old young entrepreneur that lives in Cape Town, South Africa. Grant has had his fair share of success and failure in the world of business and he continues to chase his dream and work towards a better future for all the people around him. 

In 2020 Grant found out that he had a cancerous tumor in his abdomen and had to undergo surgery to remove this as it was effecting his body. In November of 2020 Grant underwent a seven and half hour surgery with multiple surgeons, He had the tumor removed removed, his right kidney as well as the reconstruction of his Venacava. It took Grant nearly 8 weeks to recovery from this massive surgery and he jumped right back into his entrepreneur ways and got straight back to work. 

A few months after this in early 2021 Grant found out that the cancer had unfortunately spread to his chest, neck and base of his skull... After numerous scans and tests one after another the doctors told Grant he would need to start treatment as soon as possible. The Cancer Grant has is called paraganglioma, it is a very rare form of Cancer and based on studies only 2 in 1 million people get this Cancer each year.

Grant was meant to start Nuclear Treatment when another spanner was thrown in the works. His doctors found yet another tumor, this time in his right ear. This has now lead to Grant not only needing Nuclear treatment but Radiotherapy as well.

Grant has now started radiotherapy of which he has to undergo 24 sessions of therapy, one session a day for 24 days. Once Grant has completed this he will move over to Nuclear treatment which is a very long process that will go one for a year, if not more...

Unfortunately Grant's medical aid will not be covering the costs of any of the treatment and his medical bills are rising at a rapid rate. Grant has managed to raise some funds already but not nearly enough that is needed to cover the cost of the treatment he is undergoing. 

Grant started a Back A Buddy campaign which is still running and you can click on the following link if you wish to make a donation to help this incredible person: 

Grant, being the entrepreneur he is decided to create himself a very cool apparel brand called Mind Over Matter, the reason for this is to help raise the funds for his treatment and Grant has said that once he is in remission he will move on to the next cancer fighter and help that person through his apparel brand, Mind Over Matter. 

If you would like to have a look at his awesome brand you can view it below: 

On behalf of Grant Vanderwagen, his family and friends. We would like to ask you if you could be please help us spread the word about what he is going through and help us raise the funds so Grant does not need to stress about the financial side of things while he undergoes treatment. 

Stay Strong Grant! 

We are here for you!